• Ronnie Shellist
    "Rubin's ability to convey his passion and his knowledge of harmonica is second to none. He truly inspires me and his dedication to music separates him from the pack. Thank you for being who you are."
  • Jose Ruiz
    "I believed that 41 years of age was a late age to begin to learn how to play the harmonica, but Michael proved me wrong. Three years of Michael's lessons and many, many hours of practice has made me a professional harmonica player today. Michael is considered to be one of the greatest teachers and he is is one of my best friends. Don't miss an opportunity to learn from Michael."
  • Cookie
    "Mr. Rubin,
    From the first moment of my first harmonica lesson with you, my understanding of music, of the harmonica and my playing skills have continued to grow and improve. At my first lesson, being able to get anything out of the 2 draw was just a dream. I came to you at a stand still, not able to get past just a few basic skills and I remember the great joy I experienced when, at the end of my first lesson with you, I left not only being able to get the 2 draw out, but I was also bending notes! Bending notes!!!! Wow, that skill opening up is incredible, especially for “The Blues” .Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are not only teaching me so much about playing the harmonica, you are also opening up the world of music for me. I never realized learning music and learning to play the harmonica could be so much fun! Each lesson is a great journey into music!"
  • Vanita
    "I’ve been singing in bands for more than 30 years, but my last two years of instruction from Michael have expanded my musical horizons in ways I couldn't have imagined. I may never set the world on fire with my harp playing (lack of diligent practice on my part), but the things he has taught me have proved invaluable on stage, in the practice studio, and in songwriting. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone looking for a great teacher."
  • Spencer
    " Rubin has given me not only a great ability, but also a great joy in my heart. Rubin is probably the coolest teacher in Austin"

    Lauren, Spencer's Mom says,

    "Michael Rubin is a master teacher. Teaching is a talent, and Rubin is truly gifted. When my son first began lessons with him at the age of 9, Rubin treated him not only with kindness, but the respect one would give an adult. You have no idea what kind of impact this had on my son. Rubin is the kind of teacher who not only sends you home with an improved craft,but he also somehow makes you want to try harder than you think you can and end up being better than you thought you could. That is the mark of a real teacher."
  • Connor
    "Michael Rubin gave me the tools I needed to musically express myself.
    His patience as a teacher is unsurpassed and truly never ceases to amaze me.
    Michael lets me know where my individual strengths as well as weaknesses are, and his teaching methods are second to none. Difficult concepts to
    grasp such as music theory seem to come far easier when he teaches them
    to me. I now sit in and play blues harp with a band around Austin.
    Here's a recent story: after 3 group lessons and 5 individual lessons
    with Michael a girl came up to me and said her friend was in love with
    me after hearing me play amplified blues harp on stage one night! If
    that's not results I don't know what is!"
  • Barry
    "I chose to only play chromatic harmonica...but a good chromatic teacher is hard to find.

    Fortunately, I met Michael a few years ago and I have been taking chromatic harmonica lessons from him ever since. He is a great musician and an exceptional teacher, who I now consider a friend. He brings to his teaching not only musical knowledge, but also flexibility with his teaching methods and genuine kindness.

    I have gone from beginner to performing on stage and could not have done that without his help, advice, and encouragement."
  • Shoshana
    "What I learned from Michael Rubin was to express myself using the techniques he taught me and he helped me to be a better harmonica player. He taught me not only to play harmonica but also taught me how to incorporate it into other music and with other musicians. He treated me like a professional and believed in me."

    Devora, mom to Shoshana says,

    "Michael Rubin is a passionate and dedicated musician. He blended specific harmonica techniques with the bigger picture of being a musician and then an even bigger vision of living life fully. He regularly made analogies that empowered my daughter to find inner strength and resolve in all areas of her life through the lens of music. Practice, dedication, belief in oneself, overcoming challenge, working in harmony with others... I am grateful for Michael's kindness and support of my daughter during these formative years.He has made a lifelong impression on her and our whole family."
  • TC
    "I soon learned that if you have the patience to learn, Rubin has the patience to teach you. He lets you know the parts you have mastered and is able to spot and then give you guidance on the parts you are struggling with. He doesn’t push you but inspires you to learn and play better. I leave each lesson knowing I am a better musician than when I arrived."

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